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lalallala eeeheeehehehe :3333 welcome to seele's blog !!!


hi there!! welcome to my blog :3

11/7/23! im so sorry for not updating guyyyssss aa T_T i just really get demotivated when somthhing breaks aaa..... im trying tho!!!! *disappears for 9543089 days* ANYWAYYSSS iwant a 3ds/ds soooo bad rn.,,,,,,,,, all i want is a childhood filled with nintendogs n nintencats,,,,, i swear the graphics are exaclty my aesthrtic seriously the little creaturrresssssssss r so cute..! anyway i'm going to try and ask for one for christmas but theyre CRAZYYYYY expensive even the used ones...... we hope! we pray !!!! I also really want to play pokemon; mystery dungeon, any of them really !! i looove playing emulators of them :3 anyway, sorry for the short post but just thought i should update! sorry for disappearing T__T

9/21/23! WEBKINZ! im so normal about them. never played it as a child but i discovered a TREASURE CHEST of webkinz content, on the yt acct sassycat143 !!! i genuinely reccomend her, shes a really cool webkinz collector :3 if anyone likes xenoblade chronicles shes also a huge fan of that! anyways, she inspired me to fixate onto webkinz hehe :3 im currently trying to collect all the wbkinz seals!! i already have the normal one (imo the cutest ehhehehe) i also love the sparkle seal or whateevr!! honestly i dont find webkinz that fun but i still live for the games!! i really like the red velvet raccoon, skunk, seal ofc , signature normand cow, stuff like that!! honestly i have a list of ones i like LOLLL im. i dont even know how i dont even play it that much but i still love it HELP.......... idk i jst want a specuak interest iguess? who knwos

8/12/23! AQUARIUM BLOG ENTRYY!! hi guys whats up. first blog entry woo hoo! anyway i went to the tennessee aquarium thtas like around 4 hrs away? IDK but i went there for my birtdhay (a week later aug 18! :3) so yippee!! i went to the river place first, honestly better than the ocean one it was way longer LOL. there were two touch pools too :33 ocean had none :eyeroll: there were rlly huge fish honestly i did not know sea turtles were that big .no whale sharks tho i was sad abt that :-( i kid you not there were SO many turtles. TURTLE AFTER TURTLE. LIKE. I DONT WANNA SEE THEM. also the paddlefish opens its mouth funky. its like the shark species that does that .also my brother hit me very hard in the head. so now i have a bump. gee thanks best bro bestie.


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